What is Meth?


Meth Basics:

Meth is a highly addictive stimulant
Prolonged use permanently destroys brain tissue
Smoking or manufacturing Meth releases toxic contamination
Meth cooks can get almost everything they need to manufacture a batch in local stores legally.
Producing one pound of Meth generates five to six pounds of toxic waste.

Forms of MethMeth can be a powder, crystals (Duh! That's why they call it crystal Meth!), or pills.  There is also Meth oil - that's Meth in one of the final processing stages.  There are people who soak marijuana joints in Meth oil, or in a different liquid that has dissolved Meth in it.  At times, a dealer will sell these soaked joints to someone looking to score plain marijuana - so the buyer ends up using Meth unintentionally. 




A Word About Strawberry Quick...Strawberry Quick
Authorities in some states have been seeing bright pink crystal Meth hit their streets.  Some Meth cooks are now adding coloring and flavoring to the drug to change its look and taste.  Crystal Meth tinted red and flavored with strawberry is called Strawberry Quick.  In San Francisco, the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics reported some of their teenage patients have recently begun to use Meth flavored with chocolate.  A California police officer questioned some off-color Meth, and was told the cook used Coca-Cola in the recipe.
While these creative Meth cooks probably thought they'd make their stuff a bit less harsh to ingest, they also made it easier for a new user to handle.  No matter what color it is or flavor it comes in, Meth is Meth - just as dangerous and as addicting.  Don't be fooled by it. 

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