What Meth Does
(Or: Are We Having Fun Yet?)


Meth dealers and users will tell a you how fun it is: You'll get a tremendous rush.  You'll be able to stay up for hours to work, study or party.  You'll lose weight. 
But there is another side to Meth use that they'll never talk about.  It's the side that can take your looks, your health, your income, and your sanity - maybe even your life. 

People who seek the rush of a Meth high are also in for a number of other effects from the drug.  They will also experience some or all of the following short-term effects:

Moodiness Depression
Convulsions Hallucinations Violent Behavior
Excessive Talking  Sleep Deprivation Extreme Weight Loss
Sense of Well Being Shortness of Breath Increased Alertness
Increased Heart Rate Delusions of Grandeur Heightened Sexual Activity
Grinding Teeth, Clenching Jaw

Sores from constantly scratching
Uncontrollable movements, twitching, jerking

Keep using Meth, and before long you'll have all kinds of experiences to share with others.  That is, if you are not too paranoid to talk to them.
Long term effects from Meth use include:

◊Seizures ◊Brain Damage
◊Panic Attacks ◊Lead Poisoning ◊Twitching  
◊Uncontrollable Anxiety or Rage ◊Loss of Pleasure
◊Stroke ◊Hyperactive Behavior ◊Malnutrition ◊High Addiction
◊Impaired Speech ◊Severe Depression
◊Abused/Neglected Children
◊Strychnine Poisoning

Information adapted from National Institute on Drug Abuse

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