Face Facts:
Meth Makes You Ugly


South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds spearheaded an effort to educate the state’s young people and their parents about the dangers of Meth use.  In both 2006 and 2007, the governor scheduled visits and presentations at high schools around the state to introduce the campaign, “Face Facts: Meth Makes You Ugly”.   
Governor Rounds and Jeremy Bucholz, a former Meth user, producer and member of the Statewide Methamphetamine Task Force, spend approximately 45 minutes with students at each school, discussing how Meth destroys their bodies and their minds. 

"We must face the facts," said Gov. Rounds. "Meth use is increasing in South Dakota, especially in high school age students. 9% of our female 10th graders have tried Meth; 12% of our 11th grade girls have used it.  Our youth must be educated about the harmful and addictive effects of this terrible drug."

The Face Facts project targets high school and junior high students.  The posters associated with the project focus on the truths about Meth and draw attention to the mental and physical destruction that occurs to people who use Meth. Each South Dakota high school and junior high school has received posters. 

This campaign is another project of South Dakota’s Methamphetamine Task Force.  The task force, comprised of community leaders, prevention and treatment specialists and health care professionals has been at work for three years.

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